Students at the Alberto Iria School in Olhão acted in favor of the climate

Manuela Valentim Teixeira, a teacher at the Alberto Iria school, is an ambassador for the Climate Action Project in Portugal

Students from 9th and 7th grades at the Dr. Alberto Iria school, in Olhão, were among the more than 2,6 million students from more than a hundred countries who participated in the ClimateAction Project and who, over the course of six weeks , carried out various initiatives related to the fight against climate change.

This free collaborative project challenged students from around the world “to examine the causes and effects of climate change, participate in virtual exchanges and mentoring sessions, and propose solutions for environmental justice through services, research, advocacy campaigns and even inventions», according to Manuela Valentim Teixeira, a teacher at the Alberto Iria school and an ambassador for the Climate Action Project in Portugal.

In our country, the initiative involved 130 schools that used a curriculum and lesson plans developed in conjunction with the World Wild Fund (WWF) and translated into Portuguese by Manuela Valentim Teixeira, together with teachers Inês Rodrigues and Ana Soares, from others Portuguese schools.

In the grouping of schools from Olhano, students from 9th C and 7th A classes were involved in the project. These students "researched and elaborated various works on the Causes and Consequences of Climate Change, both locally and globally".

The 9th C students and teacher Manuela Valentim Teixeira organized a beach cleaning campaign, with the help of the Municipality of Olhão and in partnership with the German biological Andreas Noa (TheTrashTraveler) and his project ThePlasticHike and attended the event of the day of Climate Action with teachers Manuela Valentim Teixeira and Ana Margarida Santos.

The students also "conducted research on the causes, effects and possible solutions to climate change in our region and globally", "collaborated on shared documents, debating ideas, made weekly videos and presentations" and researched "on the work of activists of the Climate Action Day speakers', including Jane Goodall and David Attenborough.

«Students from 7th grade, together with teacher Lúcia Tardão, planted roses in a flower bed at our school, carried out works that were exhibited in the School Library. Students from both classes participated in virtual sessions with Moldova, Georgia and Brazil, where they shared their research, concerns and possible solutions», added Manuela Valentim Texeira.

On November 5th, these and the other young Portuguese participants participated in ClimateActionDa, an event online freeware featuring Jane Goodall, David Attenborough and experts from WWF, NASA and UN, but also world leaders, among the guest speakers.

The session was also attended by the speaker, João Costa, the Secretary of Education of Portugal, who «accepted the invitation addressed by our school».