Portimão celebrates World Food Day with stories told online and proposals for healthy snacks

Projects to promote healthier eating behaviors

Portimão marks World Food Day by inviting young people to consider their food choices and prepare a lunch box full of healthy and tasty options.

Thus, an online presentation will be promoted between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm on Friday, October 16, through the Zoom Platform, inviting kindergartens, 1st Cycle schools and institutions in the municipality with intervention in the area of ​​childhood , watching the reading of the story “My lunchbox is better than yours”, from the book “Nutristórias”, by nutritionist Catarina Malheiro.

At the end of the reading, suggestions for playful-pedagogical activities will be given, which aim to deepen the theme of history in an entertaining way and which can be developed in educational establishments and institutions participating in the initiative.



The day before, October 15, there will be a lecture on healthy snacks, starting at 14:30 pm, at EB 1 of Coca Maravilhas, part of the Eng. Nuno Mergulhão Schools Group, and aimed at 4th grade students.

This action is part of the strategy of the Municipality of Portimão to encourage healthy and balanced eating in the community, through regular tips from the nutritionist Patrícia Cabral, with a view to everyone's health and quality of life.

Also in this context, and because food and sport go hand in hand, the municipal project “Portimão Healthy” has been raising awareness among Portimão residents about nutrition and sporting activities, providing nutritional advice at Loja Ponto Já, a space that houses the Office of Youth Service, in which this valence works.



Also in this regard, the “Prato Certo” project was presented on March 6 in Portimão, which aims to place healthy, economical and appetizing food at the center of community life, providing it with ideas and instruments that help individuals, families , caregivers and technicians to make the right choices at the table.

Promoted by Associação In Loco and co-financed by the CRESC Algarve – Portugal Social Innovation program, the Municipality of Portimão is one of the 16 municipalities in the Algarve as social investors and aims to bring by 2021 the “Certain Plate on Wheels” to schools, caregivers and people older age and society in general.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, “Prato Certo” was resumed on 29 July, through a first activity held at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, which set the tone for a new format of sessions, using new technologies.

Portimão's adhesion to this project took into account the importance of food education, so the Municipality counts for its implementation with several partnerships, among which social support institutions and schools and some municipal services.

In addition, a specific page was created on the Municipality's website, where it is possible to consult the program of actions taking place in the municipality of Portimão throughout 2020, in addition to other useful information related to this matter: https://www.cm-portimao.pt/menus/servicos/acao-social/o-prato-certo