Plowing the Sea shows that "When" is now

Show will have “music, movement, image, text and even a new language”.

Photo: Plowing the Sea

«The show is called “When”, but I even think it should be called “Now” because the subjects we deal with are about this time in which we live». The new creation of “Lavrar o Mar” is scheduled for this Thursday, October 15th, and until Sunday, October 18th, Lugar da Rocha, near Marmelete (Monchique), will receive this «performative and nomadic installation that will invite people to walk from one place to another». 

In an interview with Sul Informação, Madalena Victorino, the creator of this “When”, explains that the show will have “music, movement, image, text and even a new language”.

“There will be a lot of live music, a lot of bodies, movement, which often characterizes my works as well. For this, we will have professionals from the performing arts», he adds.

As for the texts, they will be "small", but full of meaning. "They will be quotes from philosophers, activists, artists from all over the world," he adds.

This show also has a great peculiarity as it will have parts said and sung in a “new language” created for this purpose.

“There are a number of songs that take place in this new language that have the meaning of the words hidden. It's a metaphor for the world we live in: we don't understand anything that's going on, but the earth is screaming and we're realizing that we're on the wrong path», says the cultural programmer.


Photo: Plowing the Sea


For the rest, the land is the inspiration for the entire show, because this is the transversal theme of the current edition of “Lavrar o Mar”, a program that is part of the 365Algarve.

«When we thought we were going to create with a collective, in this case we are 19 people, we knew it was going to be on earth. And as the land has taken a big turnaround, the issues we deal with are related to the times in which we live», explains Madalena Victorino.

Thus, during the three-hour show, which only starts at 18 pm and will continue into the night, there will be talk of the «universal right to breath, an idea defended by a Cameroonian philosopher, Achille Mbembe, the reconfiguration of the land and how we, seeing this massive destruction, position ourselves, or on the new frontiers, the way the world moves with migrations, still relating this to the growth of the far right», states Madalena.

“When” will also serve to speak of the “issue of freedom”. "Where does it begin, where does it end, and how can we fight to have a voice that does not remain silent, that continues to defend essential values ​​that we thought we had already achieved", he adds.

In these new frontiers and on the issue of freedom, the collective, led by Madalena Victorino, took the opportunity to work on another idea. “Sometimes we think the problems are with others. Death is always the other, we always think that catastrophes are far away, the problems are not here with me and we wanted to do it the other way around».

Therefore, in this show we are «Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Russians, Portuguese… The idea is to pull this multicultural force into the skin of each of the participants. Instead of sending worries there, we bring them here».


Photo: Plowing the Sea


“When” will also have the presence of two “very special” people: Senhor Valentim, who is a cowboy, and Senhor Arménio, the former postman from Aljezur. “They are with us as central figures in the play because, somehow, they still have the miracle of the earth within them,” explains Madalena.

The place chosen to unfold “When” was also not by chance. Lugar da Rocha is located on the divide between the municipalities of Aljezur and Monchique, and is «almost a metaphor for this border between the municipalities with which we work. We wanted a place that would nullify the border and end up uniting them».

The meeting point for the participants will be at the intersection to the locality of Abitureira, on Estrada Nacional 267. From there, a four-kilometer walk will be made to the venue. Tickets…are already sold out.

Despite Portugal's entry into the State of Calamity, this Thursday, the 15th, the organization of “Lavrar o Mar” does not foresee changes for this show, which already follows the health rules in force, namely with regard to the use of masks .

Expect, therefore, «a very beautiful show, strong, but also a little disturbing at times», concludes Madalena Victorino.



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