Covid-19: Costa warns of risk of "even more restrictive measures"

Prime Minister spoke at the exit of the European Council meeting

Prime Minister António Costa reiterated today that he does not like the mandatory preventive measures against covid-19 that he proposes, but warned that the alternative could be the adoption, within a few weeks or months, of even more restrictive measures.

“Of course I don't like the measures [mandatory use of protective mask and StayAway Covid application]. The question is whether this measure is necessary, is it useful to contain the transmission of the pandemic, and if it is not better to resort to this measure now than in a few weeks or a month or two months from now having to impose much more restrictive measures, such as saying: look, simply not being able to go out into the street, neither with a mask nor without a mask», he declared.

Costa was speaking to the press at the end of a European Council in Brussels, on the day that Portugal recorded the highest daily value of new cases of infection since the beginning of the 19-covid pandemic (2608) and 21 deaths.

«And the question I ask once again is that with this rate of growth of the pandemic that we are having, if we do not adopt measures of this nature now, perhaps we will be having to take much more stringent measures in a while. freedom, from the outset of freedom of movement, as we adopted at the beginning of this pandemic”, he emphasized.