Teatro DoisMaisUm takes “Laurinda Não Foi à Guerra” to the Ermida de Guadalupe

On Sunday at 18:00

The show “Laurinda Não Foi à Guerra”, by the Algarve theater company DoisMaisUm, vai close the program of commemorations of the European Heritage Days in the Algarve, on Sunday, 27th September, at 18 pm, at the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, in Vila do Bispo.

The play, produced by Associação Cultural Música XXI, has the participation of the Cantate Domino choir.

Actresses Ana Oliveira, Ana Baptista, Catarina Silva and Inês Martins will interpret this play, with text and staging by António Gambóias, «which intends to revisit the pain of those who stayed, watching their children, brothers and friends leave for a distant war» , according to DoisMaisUm.

«From the news of the death in combat of a soldier in Nambuangongo, Angola, the drama of the mother who lost her child, the pregnant bride who was unmarried, the friend who married by proxy and went to her man to Guinea, of the daughter who grew up without a father», adds the theater company.

Through the reading of letters from a godmother of war, "the text gives precise indications of the state of mind that the soldiers felt when they were away from their families."

«So many absences and so many lives! Children, brothers, boyfriends, partners, husbands… and the women were left to weave together the long toil of the days of waiting and suffering, the waiting and suffering of those who did not go to war. Those who go suffer but those who stay, also suffer…», is read in the text of “Laurinda Não Foi à Guerra”.