Parishes and Association of Photographers Promote Tavira's Religious and Cultural Heritage

It's as if they had taken “Tavira into this church”

The association A|NAFA – Algarve Photographers Association and Nucleus, with the parishes of Tavira, through ARTgilão, and Santa Casa da Misericórdia are promoting the religious and cultural heritage in three exhibitions, open until 31 December.

"The establishment of partnerships and synergies is always of great importance, but even more at a time when we are experiencing the consequences of the pandemic caused by COVID-19", said the parish priest of Tavira and head of ARTgilão, in statements to the newspaper «Folha de Domingo » of the Diocese of Algarve.

About the exhibition in the church of São Paulo, “one of the most beautiful and unique churches” in Tavira, Father Miguel Neto said that it is as if they had taken “Tavira into this church”.

The exhibition entitled 'Tavira por un Agujero' (Tavira through a hole) in the church of São Paulo, is by the Portuguese João Ribeiro and the Spaniard José Ramirez, using the “pinhole”, a very specific technique of photography, and is entirely composed of photographs taken through the analog process, with fully handcrafted cameras, made with cardboard boxes and developed with chemicals on photosensitive paper.

“Because the exhibition is displayed in the high choir, approaching the windows can see in the distance many of the images in the photographs”, added Father Miguel Neto.

The Misericórdia church received the exhibition 'Contemporary Photographic Art', also by Portuguese-Spanish authorship, and is composed of works by Alberto Buzón Tirado, Cláudia Perdigão, Luis Jurado, Urgélia Santos, José Ramirez and João Ribeiro.

At the headquarters of the association A|NAFA – Association and Center of Photographers of the Algarve, the exhibition 'Desde mi Ventana (From my window)' can be visited, consisting of 32 works by 32 Portuguese and Spanish photographers

According to the organizers of the exhibitions, the “majority of the funds coming from” the project will be “applied by the partners in the recovery and restoration of heritage, as Tavira is known as the Algarve's “city of Churches” and has in sacred art one of its major tourist and cultural attractions”.

The three exhibitions, in addition to promoting Tavira's religious heritage and culture, also aim to “energize some of the city's cultural spaces”, namely some of the churches that are part of the 'Cartão Igrejas' project and that associate ARTgilão TAVIRA/Paróquias de Tavira and the local Santa Casa da Misericórdia.

“This card, created in 2019, aims to facilitate the movement of tourists and their visit to these spaces, as they have access to four of the most important and beautiful Churches in the city: Igreja de Santa Maria (which houses an art collection visitable church of great value, inaugurated in 2019), church of Misericórdia (which, among other artistic treasures, has a magnificent set of tile panels with the Obras de Misericórdia), church of São Paulo and church of Santiago", highlight the parishes of Tavira.

The newspaper «Folha de Domingo», of the Diocese of Algarve, informs that the association A|NAFA – Association and Nucleus of Photographers of the Algarve, with the parishes of Tavira, through ARTgilão, and Santa Casa da Misericórdia, celebrated on the 5th , World Photography Day and 500 years of the city of Tavira with the inauguration of three exhibitions, which can be visited until 31 December, and the photographic tour 'Tavira with History'.