«Implikação» marks the start of the new season of Cineteatro Louletano

Captain Fausto's debut is another highlight of the program

The cycle "implication”, which focuses on a “relevant and urgent reflection on the tourist phenomenon and the consequences of covid-19 in this area and on what is changing in the cities” marks the beginning of the September to December season of Cineteatro Louletano.

On September 8, at 18 pm, at Palácio Gama Lobo, director Tiago Correia, architect Teresa Valente and photographer Filipe da Palma debate this theme, followed by September 00, at 12 pm, at Cineteatro, the first show of season, with the disturbing play “Turismo”, in a co-production with Teatro Municipal do Porto.

In the theatrical field, mention should also be made of the national premieres of two plays by professional structures based in Loulé: Mákina de Cena, with the creation “Two lost in the elliptical horror of supermodernity”, on September 26, and Folha de Medronho – Arts Performatives, with “As Primas de Godot”, on November 6 (both part of the 2020 Theater Support Grant promoted by the Loulé local authority).

ACTA – The Algarve Theater Company is also present on the Cineteatro stage with the play “Instructions to abolish Christmas”, while JAT – Janela Aberta Teatro presents “Something from Macbeth”, a sociopolitical satire of our time in a co-production of Cineteatro with Teatro das Figuras.


Captain Faust

As for the musical area, the highlight is the absolute debut on the Cineteatro stage, on September 20th at 19 pm, of the most acclaimed and awarded new Portuguese music band in recent years: Capitão Fausto.

Also unmissable are the concerts of the Loulé Jazz Trio with Jorge Palma (celebrating World Music Day on October 1st) and Sofia Escobar with an ensemble of teachers from the Loulé Music Conservatory – Francisco Rosado, on October 24th, both orders and as part of the “O Longe é Aqui” cycle.

The musical eclecticism of the agenda also includes names like Cristina Branco (who makes the national debut of her new album “Eva” at the Cineteatro after an artistic residency in Loulé in 2019), Tiago Bettencourt, Orquestra Clássica do Sul, Pedro Moutinho with Isa de Brito, 5th Gala of the Louletano Fadistas, Tuna Universitária Afonsina de Loulé, Algarve Jazz Orchestra (with special guest), MorTais and Stone Breaker, the latter with the national premiere of his first album “Hopes & Dreams” in the cycle “Ilustres Descobertas” at the Auditorium of Solar da Música Nova on November 7th.

Another highlight is the Youth Musicians Festival 2020, in a partnership between the Municipality of Loulé and Antena 2 and RTP, which brings to the south two new classical music projects with high-level musical talents: Tomás Marques Quarteto and Quarteto Tejo, respectively at 23 and September 25th.

With regard to the multidisciplinary dimension, between November 19 and 22, the Som Riscado – Loulé Music and Image Festival – an event with an unprecedented concept in the south of the country – will take place, maintaining exactly the same artistic programming that was initially planned and already announced, which include the following names: Surma with Camille Leon & Inês Barracha; the Drumming GP with Joana Gama, Luís Fernandes and Pedro Maia; Victor Gama with the Orquestra Clássica do Sul; Frankie Chavez & Peixe in the “Miramar” project in partnership with Jorge Quintela; the national premiere of the first album of the Algarve project “Grafonola Voadora & Napoleão Mira”; the new creation of the Boris Chimp 504; Sonoscopy; the Theater Music Company; and the Algarve bands Kilavra, 2143, Mateus Verde and Heroin Holiday Big Band in creative collaboration with students from the Animated Image course at the School of Education and Communication (ESEC) at the University of Algarve.

In offering to the educational community, Marco Paiva presents the theater play “Aldebarã” in a school context, in an intervention that includes a dramatic expression workshop for teachers and professionals in the artistic field.

The prestigious Companhia de Música Teatral presents the “Thousand Birds” project, which will involve ten kindergartens in the municipality of Loulé with performances, training, installations and a final show during the months of October, November and December, in an unprecedented articulation of the Cineteatro with the Loulé preschool community.

The duo Miguel Fragata & Inês Barahona brings to Loulé, in absolute debut in the south of the country, the creation “From the Forest to the World”, addressing the theme of refugees, for the youngest and families, between November 9th and 14th.

In December, from December 7th to 11th, in a co-production between Cineteatro Louletano and Centro Cultural de Belém, the show “Assim devera eu ser” (with a luxury cast: Catarina Moura, Sara Vidal, Celina da Piedade and Ricardo Silva) revisits the life and work of Amália Rodrigues in the year that celebrates the centenary of her birth, here thinking of the pre-school audience, once again in a premiere in the south.


In dance, the 6th edition of the Festival Encounters of DeVIR – Resgate, organized by DeVIR CAPa – Center for Performing Arts of the Algarve, takes place on September 18th and October 9th, with big names from the national and international scene: Eduardo Fukushima (Brazil ), Gregory Maqoma (South Africa) and Francisco Camacho (Portugal).

The Inclusive Dance Forum was rescheduled for December 1 to 4, marking the beginning of a regular collaboration with the renowned Grupo Dançando com a Diferença (based in Madeira), reflecting the Cineteatro's programmatic strategy of privileging this area in the coming seasons, in a close articulation and involvement of social institutions in the municipality of Loulé.

The duo Diletta Bindi and Sara Montalvão brings to Loulé the project “Sombras” (co-production of Cineteatro), which revisits contemporary dance for the school community, and between October 27 and 31, Loulé dedicates a week to the 25th anniversary of Companhia Olga Roriz, with the premiere to the south of the new creation “Seis months after”, a co-production that the Cineteatro also integrates with the National Theater D. Maria II and the Casa das Artes of Vila Nova de Famalicão.

In cinema, the highlight goes to the XIII Italian Film Festival, which takes place between 13 and 15 November, in addition to the “French Film of the Month”, in a partnership between the municipality and Alliance Française Algarve, on the second Tuesday of each month in the Auditorium of the Solar da Música Nova.

Regarding the regular section “Conversas à Quinta”, the guests are the choreographer Rui Horta and the duo Nuno Catarino and Márcia Lessa, the latter for their book “Improvisando – The new generation of Portuguese Jazz”.

One last note for the cycle of residencies in support of national artistic creation, which, in 2020, involves the collective composed of João Pedro Leal, Eduardo Molina and Marco Mendonça (theatre), Catarina Miranda (dance), Amarelo Silvestre (theatre), Pauliana Pimentel, Alex Cassal and Nuno Lucas (these three creators within the scope of the Verão Azul festival, organized by Casabranca) and the Mário Laginha Trio.

All the artistic programming to be carried out will follow the hygiene and safety rules issued by the General Directorate of Health, with the Louletano Cineteatro and Solar da Música Nova auditorium equipment also already officially accredited with the “Clean & Safe” seal of Turismo de Portugal.


The Câmara de Loulé emphasizes that «the new grid of proposals reflects an ambitious, demanding and very strong commitment to musical plurality, to the integration of the artistic environment in Loulé and the region».

It also reflects “a very significant focus on its five main strategic programming axes: art for children; crossing between local creators and recognized figures of the national panorama through musical commissions; inclusive art through contemporary dance, with active involvement of local IPSS; experimental and multidisciplinary dialogues between sound/music and image, combined with exploratory approaches to sound art (Som Riscado festival); and a medium-long term artistic consultation (in a vision that summons theater and photography) of the territory of Loulé in terms of its identities, dynamics and sociological becoming».

The municipality also recalls that, “after several months of intermission due to the pandemic, the Cineteatro presented in May, June and July an online program to stimulate and financially support the local artistic milieu, which had a remarkable impact and was closely recorded. 170 thousand views in the areas of music and theater/performance (involving 15 individual artists and 5 associative structures), in addition to more than 7000 views in the field of cinema (in partnership with the Algarve association Pluto de Verão around the universe of short films)».

For more information and reservations, interested parties can contact Cineteatro Louletano by phone 289 414 604 (Tuesday to Friday, from 13:00 pm to 18:00 pm) or by email [email protected]

In addition, you can consult the your facebook page or your website, both constantly updated, as well as your instagram account (cineteatrolouletano). Tickets can also be purchased at participating locations or online through BOL platform.

Cineteatro Louletano is a cultural structure in the field of performing arts of the Municipality of Loulé and is part of Rede Azul – Algarve Theater Network and Rede 5 Sentidos.