Cristina Branco's “Eva” is growing in Loulé

All the themes of this new work by Cristina Branco will be «profoundly autobiographical»

Eva Haussman is «a kind of alter-ego» that Cristina Branco created «about 15 years ago». Time went by until the time came for that “other me” of the singer to come to life – and to name the new album by the artist, who is in artistic residency until Sunday, November 17, in Loulé. An experience that, he guarantees, has been “wonderful”. 

Since Monday, the 11th, Cristina Branco has transformed the Auditorium of the Solar da Música Nova into her rehearsal room.

The choice of Loulé for the artist residency was both an invitation and a choice. In the end, the best of both worlds came together: the will of the singer and the Cine-Teatro Louletano.



Cristina Branco arrived in the Algarve already with the songs ready for this new album, which will debut on March 20. «Here we are fine-tuning things, rehearsing, putting layers of instrumentation», she explained to the journalists, in an open press rehearsal .

The moment served for the singer to present, at first hand, three of the songs that are part of “Eva”: Effort trial (composed by Pedro da Silva Martins), Sensitivity (composed by Francisca Cortesão) and another one, by Filipe Sambado, which still doesn't have a name. «Or will it be called spell ou bad temper», he said, between laughs.

All the themes of this new work by Cristina Branco will be «profoundly autobiographical». Or didn't they talk about Eva Haussman, your aalter-ego, which was born in Copenhagen.

«In essence, this is an exercise in knowing who this Eva is. All the themes have a very strong personal component. I hope that “Eva” is also a meeting with those who will listen to us», he said.

These days of rehearsals have been “wonderful” for the artist. “People have received us in an extraordinary way. We've walked the streets and people recognize us. It's magnificent. It's been so nice to realize that, outside the big cities, incredible things are done».



For the singer, Loulé has even done "fabulous work around culture".

Therefore, it is not surprising that Cristina Branco, moved, left a guarantee: «Loulé is very present in this “Eva”, in terms of aesthetic exercise. It will have an Algarve touch. Lots of things will appear from here».

For the rest, after her residency in the Algarve, the singer goes to Copenhagen. From Denmark, he goes directly to the studio, in Lisbon, to record the new album.

With the album already on the newsstands, Cristina Branco will return to Loulé for the national debut of the album, in a concert on May 17, at 17 pm, at the Cine-Teatro Louletano.

It will be a return to a place that knows Eva Haussman so well.


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação