Southern Karate League held an early season internship in Alcoutim

There is an alcoholic athlete close to obtaining the black belt

The League of Karate do Sul held, on August 22nd and 23rd, in Alcoutim, its internship at the beginning of the season, during which it took the graduation exams of this League and paid homage to Sensei Carlos Cadete.

The Alcoutim and Martim Longo Karaté Club participated in the stage and graduated athletes Ana Gonçalves, Luana Morais, Henrique Palma, with a brown belt, and Ricardo Martins, with a gray belt, being close to the black belt level, which will be the club's first .

The Alcoutim Chamber adds that, «as a way to guarantee the safety of the participants, the organization provided itself with a contingency plan and various materials and products, in accordance with the rules of the General Directorate of Health and the advice of the local Health Delegate for holding events due to the Covid-19 pandemic'.




Homage to Sensei Carlos Cadete