Algarve incubators "meet" again online

International incubators that are also establishing themselves in the Algarve were invited

The Algarve STP Association (Systems and Technology Partnership) and the University of Algarve organized it within the scope of the dynamics of the Algarve Tech Hub and the KCITAR Algarve project, the fifth informal meeting of Incubadoras do Algarve. The virtual meeting brought together the region's public and private incubators, in a sharing session that took place on 8 July.

In addition to the Algarve incubators, the session was attended by representatives from Municipalities and the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP).

The session focused on the opportunity to expand this informal network internationally, counting from the outset on the presence of international accelerators, currently being installed in the Algarve, representing offices in Germany, Morocco, Canada and France.

The session was attended by the Grow In Portugal, an incubator already registered with the National Network of Incubators (RNI), with an office in Faro, and led by a North African businessman.

The founder of this incubator, Anas El Arras, is a businessman with international experience (South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Germany) and made a general presentation of the activities developed and the incubated companies that are being monitored.

The session was also attended by Laura Blumes, representing the Empowered startups, an incubator and accelerator located in Canada, with offices in that country and also in France and Portugal.

The incubator already has offices in the north of Portugal, and is now being implemented in the Algarve, in partnership with the University of Algarve.

At the next meeting, the network of incubators in the Algarve will have the opportunity to learn more about the activities of this incubator that has chosen this region to install one of its offices.

The purpose of the meeting was to continue the cooperation work of regional incubators and meet international partners, sharing good practices and fostering the creation of bridges of contact and support for companies in the Algarve, opening up new markets and contact networks.

The vertical working groups (training, acceleration, financing, communication) took advantage of the meeting to move forward with the definition of their operational activities, which will be presented at the next meeting, with the creation of a common image, capable of representing the regional network, in progress. incubators, aggregating the performance of current partners and others who eventually want to join the initiative.

The session ended with the scheduling of a sixth meeting, to be held on September 17, in Faro. The meeting will be open to all incubator technicians who did not have the opportunity to participate in previous meetings and to entities that express interest and operate in this area.

If you are interested in participating in the network, just contact Algarve STP at: [email protected]

The ASTP Association is a non-profit private association that brings together public and private members. Currently, Algarve STP has the following members: University of Algarve, ANJE, City Council of Faro, Loulé City Council, Portimão City Council, DOCAPESCA and the Algarve Evolution Association, with new adhesions being planned shortly.

This complex has as its objective, among others, the development and consolidation of the Algarve's Innovation Ecosystem, based on a strong structured partnership between associations, entities and companies.

Algarve STP is the entity that assumes, in the region, the functions of a Digital Innovation Hub, an entity recognized in the country by the European Union, and whose objective is to create strong links between companies and scientific research institutions, acting at a European level and exploring the areas of technology.

The session was organized under the KCITAR project, funded by the CRESC Algarve programme.