Albufeira has a 4×4 vehicle and boat to guard non-concessed areas

The start of the initiative was signaled on the 1st of July

Albufeira has lifeguards, a 4×4 vehicle and a boat, which are prepared to guard, help and raise awareness among bathers in non-concessed areas.

The implementation of this measure was signed with the Association of Lifeguards of Albufeira and will remain in force until 30 September.

As explained by the Municipality of Albufeira, «this is an extraordinary measure, in order to minimize the impacts in terms of bathing safety and public safety».

The start of this initiative was marked on the 1st of July, at the Marina de Albufeira, and, at the same time, the Blue Flag was hoisted.

The driving of the 4X4 vehicle is done by a lifeguard duly certified by the ISN, with a 4X4 vehicle driving module and a license registered with the IMTT for driving emergency vehicles.

The vehicle, explains the City Council of Albufeira, is equipped with oxygen therapy equipment, a communications system and a loudspeaker radio to communicate at a distance.

The vessel is also manned by a lifeguard with a module for conducting small vessels.

According to Rogério Neto, responsible councilor, "this mission guarantees compliance with Decree-Law No. 24/2020, regarding access, occupation and use of bathing beaches in the context of the Covid-19 disease pandemic, for the 2020 bathing season . Lifeguards are qualified, even with functions of
pedagogy, to ensure the fulfillment of physical and social distance, as well as in the use of PPE».

«The bases are created for a project that is intended to be broader, in order to respond to the activity that takes place throughout the year in the municipality of Albufeira», emphasizes José Carlos Rolo, Mayor.

The mayor emphasizes that, at this time, «the Municipality of Albufeira guarantees good assistance to all the beaches in the municipality, through the use of communications and water rescue equipment, in addition to strengthening patrolling and raising awareness of good practices for the bathing use on the beaches of Albufeira».

An emergency number in the bathing context was also defined: 915951936.