“Salt and Flor de Sal de Castro Marim” is already legally protected Designation of Origin

Use of this designation of origin is reserved for products that meet the specifications

“Sal de Castro Marim” / “Flor de Sal de Castro Marim” is already a legally protected Designation of Origin, at the national level, according to Dispatch nº 6105/2020, published in the Diário da República nº 110/2020, Série II of today, the 5th of June.

The use of this designation of origin is reserved for products that comply with the provisions contained in the specification filed with the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development.

This initiative, nominated by Cooperativa Terras de Sal, with the support of the Municipality of Castro Marim, is «a huge step in recognizing the excellence of Salt and Flor de Sal de Castro Marim, manually collected and dried in the sun in the middle of the Sapal Nature Reserve de Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, which allows for its naturally white color and the retention of microelements from marine life, unlike industrial salt, extracted using mechanical means and purified with industrial systems and products», stresses the autarchy.

The production of salt is a traditional activity and one of the ex-libris of the municipality of Castro Marim, which «has been committed, over the years, in various actions to revitalize the salt industry, based on the principle that it is a product unique and distinct'.

In addition to training salt workers, the Castro Marim City Council «has been working to enhance this activity, having even produced the documentary “Os Dias do Sal”, by Ivan Dias, which reflects the Castro Marim identity, deeply linked to the exploitation of salt, and the full potential of this product in national and international markets».

During these days, the City Council also approved the delivery of spaces in the Multifunctional Business Building to the Terras de Sal Cooperative, helping them to enhance their institutional relationship with the market.