socialist women of Faro visited the Homeless Support Center

Farense socialist women stress that the pandemic had "economic and social consequences"

The council of Socialist Women – Equality and Rights (MS-ID) of Faro last Friday, June 19, he visited the premises of the Homeless Support Center (CASA) in Faro and met with Maria Cecília Pires, team coordinator.

In a note sent to the editorial offices, the MS-ID of Faro explain that they promoted “this initiative in the context of monitoring the impact of the pandemic caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus in the municipality of Faro».

According to the Farense socialist women, "this pandemic caused a serious public health emergency to which it was necessary to respond in terms of health, but it also caused numerous consequences of an economic and social order."

«With the abrupt drop in Portuguese families' incomes, as seen in recent months, there was a significant increase in requests for food aid and the CASA team made itself available to transmit to us the support measures it has to support the families that most need. They are daily on the ground fighting this problem and ensuring immediate support to many families in the municipality of Faro», highlights Susana Joaquim, coordinator of Socialist Women – Equality and Rights of Faro.

Cristina Grilo, councilor of the Chamber of Faro, by PS, and Tatiana Homem de Gouveia, candidate for the Federation of Socialist Women – Equality and Rights of the Algarve, were two of the participants in this visit.

This initiative «marks the start of a set of actions that the structure of the MS-ID of Faro intends to develop within the scope of the evaluation of the social impact of the pandemic in the county», concludes the note.