Oceanographic vessel returns to sea after eight months out of service for maintenance

Return to operational activity begins with assisted training

The hydro-oceanographic vessel D. Carlos I resumes operational activity with assisted training, from 18 to 22 May, off Sesimbra. The return takes place after a period of 8 months, during which the ship was under maintenance and repair.

The return to operational activity begins with assisted training, supported by the Assessment Team of the Integrated Center for Training and Naval Assessment (EACITAN).

Assisted training is intended to support and improve crew readiness levels to ensure the safety of personnel and material.

The training focuses on the areas of limitation of damage and the conduct of navigation: man overboard, fire, flooding, failure of the propulsion system, damage to the rudder, navigation in conditions of reduced visibility, among others. The ship is scheduled to dock at Setúbal on the 19th and 20th of May.

The NRP D. Carlos I is commanded by Lieutenant Captain Teotónio Barroqueiro and has a garrison of 34 soldiers.