Manuel Teixeira Gomes Library celebrates the World Day of the Portuguese Language today

Portuguese language is spoken by more than 265 million speakers worldwide

The Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library marks today, May 5, the World Day of the Portuguese Language, instituted in 2019 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), publicizing on your facebook page, from 9:00 am, every hour, a series of video recordings of texts in prose and verse in praise of the Portuguese language, read by readers from Portimão who responded to the library's invitation.

With the inspiring motto of the phrase from Fernando Pessoa's heteronym, Bernardo Soares, “My homeland is the Portuguese language”, it will present 14 texts that, from Fernando Pessoa and Teixeira de Pascoes to Nuno Júdice and Lídia Jorge, passing on, among other authors , by Clarice Lispector and Germano Almeida, the Library will be listened to from the home of readers from Portimo.

The Portuguese language is one of the most spoken in the world, with more than 265 million speakers, and in an accelerated process of expansion and growth.