Simplified “Lay-off” already covers more than 930 thousand workers

Revealed Ana Mendes Godinho, the Minister of Labor

The number of workers covered by the measure of lay off simplified, launched by the government to respond to the covid-19 pandemic, currently covers more than 930 thousand workers, according to data released today.

The number was put forward by the minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, who is currently being heard in parliament, following a request presented by the PSD parliamentary group on the Government's social responses in the context of the disease pandemic Covid-19.

"At this moment, the lay off simplified has already reached 931 workers who had their jobs maintained. It is somehow achieved that the lay off simplified is serving as a cushion to maintain jobs during this phase we are going through”, he said.

The government official also stated that about 145 thousand independent workers have already accessed the extraordinary support created as part of measures to respond to the spread of the new coronavirus.