Not even the Foupana Dam passed by the Carnival of Altura

There were 10 floats and 11 animation groups

On the 22nd and 23rd of February, Mother Nature took thousands of visitors to Altura (Castro Marim) in what was «the best edition» of this Carnival. This year, there was even the right to a message to the Government, asking for the construction of the Foupana Dam.

«Lots of colour, rhythm and floats with a lot of imagination and creativity made two days of very lively parades, which always ended with stage entertainment to continue the party», says the Chamber of Castro Marim.

According to the autarchy, "emphasis was placed on sustainability and the preservation of nature and, of course, on the growing concern of the population with the situation of extreme drought, taking advantage of the satire of the occasion, in the figures of the prime minister António Costa and Environment Minister João Fernandes, to call for the construction of the Foupana Dam».

There were 10 floats and 11 animation groups, representing the Parish Councils of Altura, Castro Marim and Odeleite, the group of Amigos do Bairro Quente, Grupo de Zumba, Amigos da Arrancada, Grupo de Amigos de Altura, Clube Recreativo Alturense , Casa do Povo do Azinhal, the Cegonha Branca Association and the Center for Culture and Sports of the Municipality of Castro Marim.

This is, the municipality considers, "a Carnival carried out with the effort and commitment of the entire population and local associations".

The 19th edition of the Altura Carnival was jointly organized by the Altura Parish Council and the Castro Marim City Council and the support of the Corvo Supermarket, with the collaboration of the Castro Marim and Odeleite Parish Councils, Clube Recreativo Alturense, Casa do Povo do Azinhal and other associations and local businesses.