In Loco launches crowdfunding campaign to support local production and consumption

Do you know how many kilometers you did your last meal?

The In Loco Association launched a collaborative financing campaign with the purpose of gathering support to execute the 100% Local project. In total, the association needs to raise, through this campaign of through crowdfunding, 10 thousand euros, to be able to promote producer markets in the Algarve's municipalities, implement an awareness campaign and also create and promote the application websites e mobile devices “Here they do it”.

Do you know how many kilometers you did your last meal? It is estimated that, on average, a food travels 2.400 kilometers to reach your plate, which implies a high environmental, social and economic impact.

Faced with a global panorama marked by an increase in population density and industrial food production, the current consumption patterns are now being transformed and, consequently, the forms of food production redefined.

Today, export agriculture is mostly practiced, betting on intensive monocultures, which are highly consumer of natural and energy resources, harmful to ecosystems and, finally, with a negative impact on family farming and local economies.

These are some of the reasons that keep the discussion alive about greater food autonomy and the urgency of recovering the dynamics of sustainable production and consumption at a local scale, themes that continue to be highlighted on the In Loco Association's agenda.

Continuing this line of intervention, the 100% Local project also appears, which is underway, «with the aim of facilitating informed and reliable access by consumers to local, seasonal and quality food products from the Algarve region», he explains. the association.

It also aims to “distinguish and identify local producers, creating structures that enable them to approach consumers”, adds In Loco.

The project has great financial support from the On Planet B by AMI, Instituto Camões and the European Union, still having to raise 10% of the amount that will ensure its full execution, a factor that motivated the launch of the campaign.

The funds raised will support the organization of producer markets in the municipalities of the Algarve region, the implementation of an awareness campaign that focuses on the importance of privileging the short production and consumption circuits and, finally, on the main differentiating product that will be creation and application promotion websites e mobile devices “Cá se fazem” (

The latter will be one of the results of the project that proposed to create a technological tool to make local production in the Algarve accessible.

There, the region's producers, their points of sale and production, as well as other related locations and initiatives, will be identified and mapped, making them publicly available for free use.

“Because the economy is made by everyone, because access to food is everyone's right, because support for small producers boosts local economies and because conscious consumption protects the environment and the planet”, the In Loco Association appeals to “the their contribution to supporting this initiative'.

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