Municipal Museum of Olhão shows “Gente de Cá”

Show will be open until May 25, 2020

The exhibition “Gente de Cá”, which brings together works by a group of 11 women, aged between 56 and 80, who attend the Red Cross Community Center in Olhão, will open this Thursday, 12th of December, at 16 pm, at the Municipal Museum of Olhão – Compromisso Marítimo Building. The show will be open until May 00th.

The exhibition will show the work of these women who gather at the Red Cross Community Center for a few hours in the afternoon to «do handicrafts, theater and also some walks», explains the City Council of Olhão.

“Most of these women were born and live in Olhão. They are from the time when you used to play in the street by your house's door and you made your own toys», adds the municipality.

The Municipal Museum of Olhão challenged them to participate in this exhibition with some photographs and a small text, in order to share their story.

“They show the streets they pass through, the houses where they were born, the objects that are important to them. They are “Gente de Cá”», concludes the Chamber of Olhão.