Local production of small quantities is the subject of training in Albufeira

Session is hosted by In Loco

The training session “Small Quantities Agricultural Production, Domestic Consumption and Marketing” will inform about the current legal and fiscal framework of this activity, as well as about new opportunities, at Lídia Jorge Municipal Library, in Albufeira, on November 20th, between at 16:45 pm and 18:30 pm.

This is a session that «is of great importance for those dedicated to small agricultural productions» and which will be promoted by the In Loco association, according to the City Council of Albufeira.
Recipients are farmers, breeders, hunters and small traders, as well as the general population.

«Attention will focus on the production and direct commercialization between the hunter and producer of small quantities of some primary products and the final consumer, the production and direct commercialization between the producer of some processed products and the final consumer, the own consumption of products. agri-food, raising chickens and egg production and marketing, transport and invoicing of agricultural products».

The “100% Local Project” will also be presented at the same session, an initiative of the In Loco association “which aims to increase the critical awareness of citizens about the need to adopt sustainable consumption and production models at a local scale”.

“It also aims to make local production more accessible, inform about current consumption and food production practices and their impact on health and the environment, raise awareness of responsible consumption and make responsible for sustainable consumption behaviors. In Loco also gives producers the seal 100% Local», added the municipality.

The session is free, but those interested will have to register by emailing [email protected] or by calling 289 598 812.