From the Ocean to Space, there is Science for All at the Live Science Center in the Algarve

Researchers of all ages and from various institutions participate in the initiative

The Live Science Center of the Algarve, in Faro, promotes, from today until the 30th, the Science & Technology 2019 Week, which presents the research carried out in the Algarve and the rest of the country. The program starts this Sunday, November 24th, National Day of Scientific Culture, with free entries.

From Ocean to Space, there are several themes presented by researchers, of all ages and from various institutions, in the form of temporary exhibitions, events, activities or lectures.

The programming designed for both the school public and the general public allows the participation of all those who are curious about the science that is developed with the partners of the Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve.
The University of Algarve and several of its research centers will be represented, as well as some schools in the Region, DECO and institutions in Porto and Lisbon.

The highlights go to the temporary exhibition “Are marine plastics a problem in the Algarve?”, open until January 5th, the “Imperial Science” gathering, to discover the research carried out in the Algarve in a relaxed way, as well as the presentation UAlgoritmo magazine and the lecture “À Descoberta do Universo”.


C&T2019 Week at the Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve


Temporary exhibition “Are marine plastics a problem in the Algarve?”
19-11-2019 | 10:00 am (opening)
An exhibition that leads us to reflect on the use and impact of plastic, produced by CCMAR from UAlg and several partners, which will be on display until 05/01/2020.
26 to 28/11/2019
Presentation with practical activities around the exhibition “Are marine plastics a problem in the Algarve?”, an initiative of the CCMAR of UAlg.

Is an arm a starfish?
26-11-2019 10h00
Check out this research on the asexual reproduction of starfish from Ria Formosa (UAlg/CCVAlg), by Master student Jackie Schwergold.

The Ria Formosa seahorses
26-11-2019 14h00
Seahorses are one of the best known species in the Ria Formosa. Unfortunately, the number of seahorses in the Ria has greatly decreased in recent years. In this session, CCMAR researcher Jorge Palma will explain why they are threatened and how we can protect them!

Meeting of Ciência Viva Clubs at the School of the Algarve region
27-11-2019 10h00
CCVAlg promotes a meeting between students and teachers of the Ciência Viva Clubs in Schools in the Algarve region, to present projects and share experiences carried out in partnership with one of the three Centro Ciênica Viva in the region, with all interested parties.

Volcanic eruptions
27-11-2019 10h00
CCVAlg, with the support of the UAlg Higher School of Education, will move out of doors and provide children with the Portuguese Cerebral Palsy Association of Faro a different spectacle, an experimental sensory activity.

plastic seas
27-11-2019 14h00
Plastic is invading the oceans… What are its dangers? What can we do to stop it? Researchers Taina Garcia and Juliano Vike from CIMA at UAlg will explain all this and much more in this session.

Imperial Science
27-11-2019 21h00
In an environment that invites you to share experiences, in a relaxed and friendly way, come share your projects or get to know the projects that take place in the Algarve!! In this initiative, any researcher, from any scientific area, can make their research known through a three-minute presentation and anyone can get to know the best of research in the Algarve.

Presentation of UAlgorithmo magazine
28-11-2019 15h00
This UAlg magazine intends to bring knowledge to everyone in a more accessible way. In order to communicate science in a clear way to the general public, the texts published in this magazine are analyzed and revised by secondary school students from schools in the Algarve region, under the guidance of a teacher from school. This session will be presented by the researcher José Bragança, mentor and promoter of this initiative, to publicize the 1st edition and launch the challenge for the next editions.

The potential of acomys in Regenerative Medicine
29-11-2019 10h00
At this conference, investigations with rodents of the genus will be presented acomys in the context of regenerative medicine by researchers from Ualg's CBMR.

Algae and vertebrates' health
29-11-2019 14h30
During this session, two researchers, Joana Rosa and Vincent Laizé, are presenting the OSTEOMAR Research project (CCMAR/UAlg), in which they study new marine compounds as a nutritional source for improving the quality and well-being of aquaculture fishes. This session will be in English and open to general public.

Science Morning "Whose footprint is it?"
30-11-2019 10h30
Do you want to be an animal detective? Let's learn to identify footprints and figure out which animal it belongs to! What other information can the footprints give? Come find out!

Discovering the Universe
Lecture with Tiago Campante (IA, FCUP) and Alexandre Cabral (IA, FCUL)
30-11-2019 17h30
The stars and extra-solar planets will be the starting point for a lively conversation, serving as a link between the various topics of modern astrophysics, such as astrobiology, exploration of the solar system, instrumentation and robotics, black holes, and gravitational waves.