Renault takes “very big leap” with new Clio 5

Expectations are "high" for this new car

It is Renault's best-selling car and has new features in this fifth version, especially in terms of technology. The new Clio was introduced last week in Faro and Portimão, with the particularity that the first vehicle in Portugal was sold in the Algarve. 

It was to Luís and Isabel Nascimento, a couple from Olhão, that Carlos Baptista sold the new Clio. "The car was launched on the 16th of September and picked up by this couple on the 24th," the seller told the Sul Informação, at the vehicle launch session, on the 26th, in Faro.

In this car, explains Carlos Baptista, «Renault took the equipment for a C-segment, brought it and transformed it into a B-segment, with some equipment that we are used to having in some high-end cars».



By the way, this Clio 5 is more than an evolution of the Clio 4, since there was no use of components from the previous model.

The vehicle has four versions: the Intens (series), RS Line, Exclusive and Initiale Paris (the latter being the most sophisticated), with the option of using petrol or diesel.

All these Clio 5 versions have a strong focus on technology and security. In the cabin there is a touch screen with a 7-inch LED display, plus tools such as pedestrian and cyclist detection, and lane departure controls that the car automatically corrects in case of driver distraction.

There is also information on speed limits built into the control panel, as well as a 360° camera for parking, available in RS Line and Exclusive versions (as an option) and already built into the Initiale Paris.

It is for this Initiale Paris version, more exclusive and more expensive, that there is also a big novelty: a Multi-Sense system that allows you to choose eight different colors of the car's interior lighting. In fact, every new design of the four versions of the vehicle is one of the great attractions of the Clio 5.

On the engine side, the TCe 100 gasoline engine, with a power of 100 horsepower, is available for the Intens, RS Line and Exclusive versions. Consumption is 5.2 liters per 100, while CO2 emission is 116/118 grams per kilometer. In terms of acceleration, the car goes from 0 to 100 in 11,8 seconds. The displacement is 999 cubic centimeters (cm3) and the gearbox is manual.

The TCe 130 EDC FAP engine, which is not only available for the Intens, is also gasoline. Consumption ranges from 5.7/5.8 to 100 and CO2 emission amounts to 129 grams per kilometer. Finally, on acceleration, the car goes from 0 to 100 in 9 seconds. The gearbox is automatic, the power of 130 horsepower and the displacement of 1332 cm3.

Moving on to diesel engines, the car has two versions: the Blue dCi 85 and Blue dCi 115.

In the first, 85 horsepower and available for the Intens and RS Line, the gearbox must be manual and consumes from 4.1/4.2 to 100. The CO2 emission is 108/112 grams per kilometer. The car takes 14,70 seconds to reach 100, having a displacement of 1461 cubic centimeters.

In the second version, which is only not compatible with the Intens, the engine is 115 horsepower. Consumption is 4.1/4.2 and CO2 emission is 109/112 grams per kilometer. In the acceleration part, with this engine, the vehicle takes 9,90 seconds to reach from 0 to 100. Finally, the displacement is 1461 cm3.



For Pedro Madeira, head of sales at Entreposto Almotor, expectations are "high compared to this Clio".

«The vehicle, in terms of quality, materials, design and technology, took a very big leap compared to the Clio 4. In technological terms, this is the brand's showcase», he also considered.

Prices for this car vary between 17.7900 euros (for Intens) and 27.420 euros on the more expensive version. For more information, click here


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação