CDU's representative in the Algarve says: "the PAN lied!"

PCP delegation visited a prison in Faro in October 2017

"The PAN lied in its press release sent to the newsrooms, when it said that it had been the first political party to visit the Farense prison", says deputy Paulo Sá, agent of the CDU candidacy in the Algarve, in a note sent to Sul Informação.

Paulo Sá refers to the news published by our newspaper (and others), based on a PAN statement, where this political force guaranteed that it was the first party to visit the Prison of Faro.

“The truth is that a PCP delegation, of which I was a member, visited the Prison of Faro on October 23, 2017», clarifies the deputy.

Following this visit, adds Paulo Sá in the clarification sent to our newspaper, the Parliamentary Group of the PCP questioned the Government, with a question about the lack of prison guards in the Prison of Faro, sent on November 6, 2017.

«In the Legislature that is now ending, the PCP also visited the Prison Establishment of Olhão and met with the National Union of the Prison Guard Corps (22-01-2018), having also presented in the AR the Draft Resolution No. 1394 /XIII/3rd, “Recommends the Government to speed up the construction process of the new prison establishment in the Algarve”, 08-03-2018, which was approved”, adds Paulo Sá, who is not re-candidate for deputy in the Legislatives of 6th of October, but he is the mandate of the communists in the Algarve.

«Contrary to the PAN, the PCP did not wake up now (in the middle of the electoral campaign) to the issues related to prison establishments», concludes Paulo Sá.