PAN was the first party to visit Prisons Faro

PAN candidates from the Algarve submitted proposals for the prison system

Candidates from PAN – People – Animals – Nature for the Algarve visited the Prison Establishment (EP) of Faro to dialogue with those responsible and prisoners. This was, they guarantee, the first time that a political party visited the Farense prison.

During the visit, which was attended by Paulo Baptista, the head of the PAN list for the Algarve, Susana Santos (No. 2 on the list) and Alexandre Pereira, the PAN made known its programmatic ideas about the prison system and its vision of «a restorative justice, in the sense of opening the way for these people to return to active life, where they can start again and return to being full citizens in society».

The proposed measures range from encouraging family proximity, encouraging school attendance, through socialization strategies for inmates and creating conditions for them to return to active life after leaving prison.

The PAN also has proposals for the prison guards in mind, namely "strengthening the rights of workers working at night and in shifts, namely, by reviewing the criteria for compensation and rest."

On the way, they spoke with some inmates, as well as with Alexandre Gonçalves, director of the establishment for several years.

According to the head of the prison, this year there are 18 inmates who have shown willingness to vote, among the 70 who can exercise the right (there are 105 inmates in total). A number that makes Alexandre Gonçalves satisfied considering that, he said, there are elections in which no one votes.