Students from Olhão launch a newspaper and present it at the National Literacy Meeting for Media and Journalism

The Laura Ayres Group of Schools, from Quarteira, will also participate in the event.

The newspaper “Ria Azul”, created by 7thB students at Escola EB 2,3 João da Rosa, in Olhão, is one of the projects selected to be presented at the National Literacy Meeting forNewspaper-Ria-Azul-Final Media and Journalism, which will take place on September 16, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon.

The Laura Ayres School Group, from Quarteira, will also participate in the event, with an initiative on “Fake News – How to detect misinformation?”.

According to Filipa Matos, teacher and class director at Escola EB 2,3 João da Rosa, “Ria Azul” is a newspaper “which aims to inform the educational community about school and local activities under the theme “Ecosystems of Ria Formosa ”, a theme that speaks volumes to our “Blue School”, but also to the local authority of which we are part».

The idea of ​​making a newspaper came from the students, within the scope of the curricular autonomy and flexibility project and, thus, «the class writing worked as close to reality as possible, with an editorial board and different sections».

After the first edition of “Ria Azul” was launched, the project was then selected for the National Meeting for Media and Journalism.

According to Filipa Matos, “we only need to print a few copies of the newspaper to take to the Meeting and distribute to the educational community”.


See the first edition here of “Ria Azul”, which has an article in the newsroom of Sul Informação made by the students.