CHUA Psychiatry Joins Suicide Prevention Campaign

Initiatives begin on September 2nd

The Psychiatry Service of Portimão of the University Hospital Center of the Algarve (CHUA) will join the event “September – Month of Suicide Prevention” with a set of awareness-raising activities.

The “Suicide Prevention Month” aims to “raise the population's awareness of the issue of suicide, a problem with some relevance in the Algarve”. The initiatives in Portimão are part of the campaign organized worldwide by the International Association for the Prevention of Suicide, which has the support in Portugal of the National Plan for Mental Health, the Portuguese Society of Suicidiology and the National Plan for the Prevention of Suicide.

The initiatives will start on September 2, at 10:00 am, in the auditorium of the Hospital Unit of Portimão, with a lecture open to the general population on the theme “Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Depression and Suicide”.

Community Mental Health Teams will also promote awareness-raising actions in the community, in the Municipal Markets of Silves (6th), Monchique (13), Portimão (20) and Lagoa (27).

“In the school community, an action is held on September 24th at the Gil Eanes Schools Group, in Lagos, and on September 30th, an action is held at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes School, in Portimão,” according to CHUA.

The program also includes awareness-raising sessions for the senior population in Lagos, Lagoa, Sagres and Monchique, on the 10th, 19th, 25th and 26th of September, respectively.

Throughout the month, there is an exhibition in the atrium of the Hospital Unit of Portimão, with information on depression, suicide prevention and stigma reduction in mental illness.

On World Mental Health Day, which marks the 10th of October, a new public debate will be held on “Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Depression and Suicide”, at the Municipal Theater of Portimão (TEMPO), between 18:00 and 20:00 .

Also within the scope of this awareness-raising campaign, the 1st Bike Ride “Pedalar pela Vida” will take place, as part of the global initiative “Cycle around the globe”, which will have two stages, scheduled for 14 and 21 September.

The first stage takes place in the municipalities of Portimão, Lagoa, Silves and Monchique. In a second moment, the initiative will pass through the municipalities of Portimão, Lagos, Vila do Bispo and Sagres.

The various initiatives have the institutional collaboration of the municipalities of Portimão, Lagos, Lagoa, Silves, Vila do Bispo and Monchique, and also with the support of several companies.