1,6 million give «conditions» to the Portimão PSP Squadron

Intervention will give "better conditions" to police

The renovation works of the current PSP squadron in Portimão will cost 1,6 million euros and be ready "in perhaps two years".

The Interadministrative Cooperation Contract for the requalification works of the Police Division of the PSP in Portimão was signed yesterday afternoon, in the main hall of the Chamber of this Algarve city, with the presence of the Minister of Internal Administration.

Isilda Gomes, mayor of Portimão, recalled that what was initially planned was “a small intervention of 900 thousand euros”. «It was just an arrangement, a minimalist intervention». But the current proposal "will leave a completely different equipment", which "in two years' time we will certainly be inaugurating".

Under the new modality of contracts between the Ministry of Internal Administration and local authorities, the work will be taken over and paid for by the Portimão Chamber, which will then be reimbursed for the expenses. In other words, as Minister Eduardo Cabrita said, “the Chamber assumes responsibility for the work and the financial and political responsibility belongs to the MAI”.

For now, the contract signed for this “very significant investment” paves the way for “the projects phase”.


The deputy national director of the PSP, also present at the ceremony, while acknowledging "the great effort that this Government has made", stressed that that police force has "infrastructures that are not consistent with the dignity we have to give to the police".

In the case of the Portimão police station, which is not even in very bad condition, the works have as one of the objectives “to motivate the police”. "The signing of this contract is an important step to create conditions for the police, who will be in a better position to provide a better service to the community."

"Investing in the police and public security is also investing in the solid foundations of any state," said superintendent Magina da Silva, adding: "security is also an engine of economic and social development." Thus, the 1,6 million euros earmarked for works in the Portimonense PSP Division are not "a spending of money, but an investment."

Eduardo Cabrita, Minister of Internal Affairs, highlighted the reduction of violent and serious crime in Portugal, in recent years, which has fallen by 26%. Last year alone, the decrease was 8%.

The official also highlighted the fact that the Algarve is the only region in the country where all municipalities have signed Local Security Contracts with the MAI.

Across the country, recalled the minister, there are 80 PSP and GNR equipment "under construction or in completion." The contract signed yesterday, for the requalification of the PSP Police Station in Portimão, will be "the last contract of this type to be signed in a public ceremony in this Legislature, for obvious reasons", he added, referring to the Legislative Elections of 6 October, whose date it was officially marked yesterday by the President of the Republic.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação