Man arrested who set fire in Ourique

Rapid intervention by firefighters prevented the spread of flames

A 33-year-old man, suspected of having started a fire, on July 2nd, in the parish of Garvão and Santa Luzia, in Ourique, was arrested by the Judiciary Police.

According to the Southern Directorate of the PJ, on July 2, at around 16:25 pm, “the detainee, armed with a lighter, set off a fire on the side of the road, which was promptly fought by two fire brigades who prevented the spread and progression of the flames'.

The PJ emphasizes that "the swift intervention of the firefighters limited the burned area, essentially of undergrowth and pasture, with, however, a vast area with cork oak and eucalyptus trees being in danger".

The arrest took place as part of an investigation overseen by the Public Ministry of Ourique.

The detainee, a construction worker, already has a criminal record for a crime against sexual freedom. The man will be present at the judicial interrogation for the application of coercive measures.