Mother who sexually abused her child detained by the PJ

A woman is suspected of sexually abusing her own child, together with her partner

Two suspects of sexually abusing an 11-year-old child, one of whom is the victim's mother, were arrested this Wednesday by elements of the Judiciary Police's Portimão DIC.

This police force complied with two warrants issued by the Public Ministry, motivated by "strong suspicions of child sexual abuse".

"The abuses will have victimized a male child aged around 11 years at the time of the facts (2017) and will have been carried out by both elements of the couple – the child's mother and her partner – in the residence where they all cohabited." according to the PJ.

The Judiciary added that the detained man is 28 years old and the woman is 32. Both were present today, Friday, at the Court of Lagos, for judicial interrogation and application of coercive measures.