Polish tourist rescued from Algar de Benagil

In addition to the young man in trouble, there were three more Polish tourists inside the Algar

A Polish tourist was rescued yesterday from the interior of Algar de Benagil, in Lagoa, by Ferragudo's lifeboat.

In addition to the 20-year-old, members of the “Patrão Pedro Jorge Casimiro Cardoso” Lifeguard Station accompanied the return of three other Polish citizens who were also in Algar to Benagil beach.

According to the National Maritime Authority (AMN), the Maritime Police was alerted to a Polish citizen who was in difficulties inside Algar de Benagil, yesterday, Sunday, at 13:40 pm.



“On arriving at the scene, it was found that, in addition to the victim, there were also three people who had moved into the Algar, using an inflatable canoe and buoy”, revealed the AMN.

The victim was removed by a crew member of the lifeboat, “which swam to the interior of Algar. The remaining three people were instructed to return to Benagil beach, due to the strong maritime agitation, and the lifeboat accompanied the entire return until they were safely on the beach».

The rescued young man "did not present any wounds and did not need medical assistance".