Ministry of Agriculture regulates the Young Rural Entrepreneur Statute

Measure is intended to “promote the installation and settlement of young entrepreneurs in rural areas

The ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development that regulates the attribution of the title of Young Rural Entrepreneur (JER) and which defines rural areas for the purposes of that same attribution was published this Thursday in Diário da República.

The title can be granted to natural persons, between 18 and 40 years of age, and to legal persons, constituted as micro or small companies, that carry out or intend to start an economic activity in a rural area.

The measure is intended to “promote the installation and settlement of young entrepreneurs in rural areas, the creation of jobs and the diversification of the regional economic base, countering the progressive depopulation of the rural world, the abandonment of land and the lack of preservation of natural resources and cultural and natural heritage'.

According with the concierge, the request for recognition of JER must be addressed to the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development (DGADR). The title is valid for three years, and may be renewed if the respective conditions of attribution are maintained.

The title of JER allows access to a set of positive discrimination measures and facilitators. Among the positive discrimination measures are the opening of competitions and specific support, increases in the attribution of support and the creation of credit lines and specific tax benefits.

Within the scope of facilitating measures, the JER will also have priority access to initiatives of networks to encourage and support entrepreneurship, to business incubation and acceleration centers and to specific professional training.

The rural areas where economic activities may be carried out are listed in the annex to the ordinance and correspond to those defined in the Rural Development Program (PDR2020).