João Oliveira distinguished as Chef de L'Avenir

Responsible for the kitchen at Vista Restaurant, in Praia da Rocha, he received the diploma from the International Academy of Gastronomy

Chef João Oliveira, 31, responsible for Restaurante Vista, in Praia da Rocha, was distinguished by the International Academy of Gastronomy with the “Chef de L'Avenir” award, during a ceremony that took place in the hotel unit that gives its name to the restaurant. and that brought together several “specialists in the matter” and other individuals, such as Daniel Proença de Carvalho and Filipe Soares Franco.

«The very high expectations were not disappointed and the meal, focused on the dimension of the taste of the sea» lived up to the diploma that was given to it, as highlighted by one of the members of the International Academy of Gastronomy.

For the rest, it was an “artistic moment” and an “exceptional meal”, which started with clams and tartlets, went on to apple soup, goat butter and Mediterranean carabiner, and ended up with Minho veal with molejas and bordeaux, without forgetting, of course, the Algarve oranges and the “spring flowers”, with blueberries, elderberries and Madeira wine.

João Oliveira, born in Porto (he graduated from the Escola Profissional Infante D. Henrique, as a kitchen technician, in 2006), went to some renowned restaurants, such as Largo do Paço, in Amarante, and the Yetman Hotel, where he conquered a Michelin star, a distinction he has already repeated in the Algarve, at Vila Joya, and now at Vista da Praia da Rocha, where he has been since 2015.

«I appreciate the bet that was made on me and I share the prize with the living room and kitchen team, because I couldn't do anything by myself», guaranteed João Oliveira, to around 40 guests.

Interestingly, the now renowned chef played football – in Valongo – before heading into the kitchen. In fact, he still tried his luck as a football referee, but the Portuguese delights, especially those originating from our sea, led him to change his profession. In good time!