Botelho: PSD's criticisms of the CPCJ in Tavira are «politik»

PSD accused the Chamber of Tavira of violating the duty of exemption in European Elections by hosting a meeting of the Commissions for the Protection of Children and Youth

"Politicity". This is how the mayor of Tavira Jorge Botelho classifies the accusations made by the PSD Algarve of violation of the duty of exemption in the European Elections, as the municipality supported the holding of the Annual Meeting to Evaluate the Activity of the Youth and Youth Protection Commissions Children, which will run until tomorrow in this county.

The Social Democrats came out in public yesterday to accuse the Tavirense autarchy, with a socialist majority, of "disrespect for the most elementary rules of exemption from involvement in electoral campaigns".

At issue is the financial support given by the municipality to the National Commission for the Promotion of Rights and Protection of Children and Youth (CNPDPCJ) to organize a national meeting to which two ministers and a secretary of state were invited, «seeking in this way, with public funds , influence the voting decision of the participants'.

“I think the PSD has a problem of politicking. They should focus more on what they should do in the campaign and not put adjectives on the work of 600 technicians, who came to Tavira to learn, share and work», considered Jorge Botelho, from PS, in statements to Sul Informação, on the sidelines of the opening session of the CPCJ meeting.

"The PSD should consider what it says, because it does not seem to me that holding a meeting to assess the activity of the CPCJ is a political campaign," reinforced the mayor of Tavir.

Because, recalled Jorge Botelho, «this is a meeting that involves more than 600 people, mostly senior technicians, who work with children and young people and who are here in a process of training and learning of good practices, to improve intervention in the land and the protection of our children».


Jorge Botelho – Photo: Gonçalo Dourado| Sul Informação


«Without questioning the importance of the meeting, even though it seems to us that the amount of one hundred and fourteen thousand euros, which was how much the Municipality of Tavira made available to support the organization of the event, could be put to better use in benefit of the Tavirenses, the date chosen by the City Council for its realization is regrettable», argued, for its part, the PSD.

The Social Democrats even claim that the choice of days for the event, even before going to the polls to choose the Portuguese representatives in the European Parliament, "was not innocent".

Jorge Botelho rejects any influence on his part and the Chamber in choosing the event's date. “The date was set by the National Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth at Risk, an independent entity. This is an annual meeting. We pledged to host this initiative a year ago, when the previous meeting was closed, in Figueira da Foz [21 to 23 May 2018] and at a time when the European Elections were not yet scheduled. Next year, it will be in Reguengos de Monsaraz», he framed.

As for the amount of support given to the organizer for the event in Tavira, the president of the Chamber guarantees that the amounts "were not even close to 114 thousand euros, it was much less" and that this turns out to be, also, an investment .

This work meeting is attended by hundreds of people from different parts of the country, including Madeira and the Azores, who will be in the city for several days and «stimulate the local economy, as everyone will stay in hotels in Tavira and eat at local restaurants », believes Jorge Botelho.