Arménio Aleluia Martins tells the story of Faceal in a book

On the same day, the requalification project for the former factory building is presented for the second time

The book “Born from clay – From the ceramic industry: a Faceal de Paderne”, by Arménio Aleluia Martins, will be presented on May 10, at 18 pm, at the Caixa de Crédito Agrícola de Paderne Auditorium. On the same day, an hour earlier, the requalification project of the former Faceal will also be presented, in the former factory premises, where it will be born the International Academy 4allSeas.

The book, which will be presented by José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira, is an edition of the Communication, Public Relations and International Relations Division of the autarchy «and tells the history of the Faceal Ceramic Industry, based on the experience of the author and the testimonies of their former workers».

The work narrates the history, using documents from the period, photographs and testimonies, of the Faceal ceramic industry that existed in Mem Moniz (Paderne) from 1960 to 2007.

Luísa Monteiro, who signs the preface of the work, emphasizes that, «in this book, Arménio Aleluia Martins brought together as many voices as possible, as if he were doing here and in this way, the only possible museum of voices, the only and authentic band of life that is preserved in the amber of memory».

Faceal's requalification project, in order to host a training academy in maritime affairs, it had already been presented in August 2017.