New tourist complex is born in Albufeira

Company Gabriel Couto is the responsible construction company

A new tourist complex will be born, with 352 homes and 50 thousand square meters, in Albufeira. The “Pine Village Resort” will be built by the company Gabriel Couto. 

“The new tourist complex will have a privileged location. The development is located in a peaceful valley of 320 thousand square meters, five minutes from the centers of Albufeira and Vilamoura and a short distance from the main beaches. This future tourist resort will have around 50 thousand square meters of construction, with a total of 352 homes», says the construction company.

There will be 1322 beds, distributed over 83 villas of the type V3, 28 (T0), 98 (T1) and 143 (T2).

The first phase of the project for this tourist complex awarded to Gabriel Couto includes the execution of a set of demolitions of some existing buildings, followed by the construction of all the infrastructure necessary for the new development to be built, from the rainwater drainage systems and wastewater, water supply, irrigation and gas, electrical infrastructure, public lighting and telecommunications, as well as pedestrian access, road network and green areas.

After the completion of this first phase, the construction of all the buildings planned for this new tourist resort will follow, which will be phased and divided into two distinct phases and which includes the construction of the set of villas and a “Wellness Hotel & Resort”, including a wellness clinic and other support facilities.

The construction of a aparthotel, consisting of 124 apartments, as well as a set of other tourist apartments with different types.

“This new tourist complex will also be endowed with a set of equipment and specific infrastructure for the practice of sports and leisure activities, featuring a riding centre, football fields and several tennis courts”, says the construction company.

The implementation of a commercial area to support the entire enterprise is also planned, with the construction of a two-storey building, comprising commercial and catering areas.

For Gabriel Couto, which is celebrating 70 years of existence, the award of the contract under the title «is a great source of pride and unequivocally demonstrates the confidence that private investors, national and foreign, have been placing in technical competence and in the quality of the work developed», observes Carlos Couto, CEO of the Minho construction company, which occupies 13th place in the sector's ranking.