MAR Shopping Algarve wins award at the Portuguese Real Estate Exhibition

The decision to award a prize to MAR Shopping Algarve was «unanimous»

MAR Shopping Algarve was distinguished as the Best Real Estate Development, in the “Commerce, Services and Logistics” category, in the 2018 SIL Real Estate Awards. Portugal Real Estate Salon (SIL), which took place at FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa.

The decision of the AIP Foundation and the SIL Strategic Council, the working group that awards the SIL Real Estate Awards in the various categories, «was unanimous in this
attribution given the shopping center's contribution to the development of the real estate sector», highlights MAR Shopping Algarve.

According to the shopping centre, "the decision took into account the architectural qualities, the conceptual content of the project and its contributions in terms of innovation, urban functionality, architectural, structural, constructive and energy saving, urban and landscape integration, as well as the technical and constructive qualities of the Algarve shopping centre».

«It is a great pride to receive this award on behalf of the Algarve and not just MAR Shopping Algarve. This region deserves to have projects that are recognized nationally and internationally, but above all that make a difference in the lives of those who live here and those who visit us. More than a functional building, with innovative lines, we are the space that knows how to welcome those who want to shop, see an exhibition or simply go play with their children in our outdoor leisure area», comments Herman Gewert, general director of MAR Shopping Algarve.

MAR Shopping Algarve highlights that “it presents a modern space that incorporates the most innovative digital solutions, a new concept of catering in shopping centers in Portugal, an outdoor leisure area, the first to be integrated into a shopping center in the country; is based on energy and environmental sustainability, integrating some of the most innovative digital solutions developed for commercial surfaces».

The 2018 SIL Real Estate Awards awarded and distinguished people, companies, solutions, entities and projects that stood out for their competence, quality and
vision for the future in 2017 and 2018.