Monchique Municipal Assembly calls for heavier penalties for arsonists

A motion passed last AM calls for new legislation and better ways for police forces to find the culprits

The Municipal Assembly of Monchique wants to see the penalties applied to arsonists aggravated. This municipal body in Monchique approved a motion calling for a more severe hand for those responsible for fires and for the Judiciary Police to be given the means to catch them.

In the document presented by the PSD in the last AM and which was approved, the Assembly of the Republic is asked to “urgently approve legislation aimed at aggravating the criminal framework of the crime related to the action of arsonists”.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Internal Administration is requested to “provide the criminal police bodies with all the necessary means at their disposal to identify the perpetrators responsible for the fires”.

This motion is justified, according to the Social Democrats, by the scourge that fires constitute, "with very high material costs and often with human victims."

Furthermore, they claim, "most known arsonists are repeat offenders."

On the other hand, they point out, «most ignitions take place in places that, due to their characteristics (orography, type of species, density of vegetation) originate deflagrations that, due to their intensity and magnitude, are impossible to control due to the action of the means. available.