There are barnacles, mussels, limpets and other delicacies to enjoy this weekend in Vila do Bispo

The presence of the Galp logo on the Perceve Festival poster caused controversy

Barnacles, mussels, cuttlefish feijoada, grilled limpets, fried moray eel, razor clams, octopus and roe salad, shrimp, mussel porridge and fried cuttlefish are some of the delicacies of the Perceve Festival, which takes place between 14 and 16 September, in Vila do Bispo, at the EB 2,3 School of S. Vicente.

According to the Municipality of Vila do Bispo, "in addition to the delicacies of the Vila-Bispense cuisine, the festival also has a lot of musical entertainment." On the first day, the Grupo Vozes do Sul e Rui e Lau acts. On Saturday, the 15th, it will be the turn of Brasa Doirada and Humberto Silve to take the stage. On the last day, the Odiáxere Folklore and Ethnographic Ranch, Cool Loung Quintet and Ricardo Glória will perform.

The Association of Shellfishers of Vila do Bispo, organizing the event, hopes, "as in previous editions, to attract people from various parts of the country to the municipality to taste the seafood of the region," said the municipality.

To receive guests, the doors will open over the three days at 14:00 pm and close at 2:00 am.

The event, which aims to promote "one of the greatest gastronomic delicacies in the municipality, the perceve, has the support of the Municipality of Vila do Bispo."

A Galp logo is visible on the event's poster among the event's supporters. This fact led to the publication of comments on social networks that questioned the reason for this sponsorship, at a time when the possible prospecting of hydrocarbons, off Aljezur, by this company is being debated.

However, the direction of the Association of Shellfish Collectors of Vila do Bispo and Costa Vicentina, has already explained that the sponsorship belongs to «Mr. Joaquim Reis, representative of Galp Gás».

According to the association, «since the first edition of the aforementioned Festival, Mr. Joaquim Reis has been a regular sponsor, not missing in any of the editions». In addition, “it has supported the association, not only at the Perceve Festival, but also on other occasions when it was asked for help, without ever putting up any kind of obstacles”.

«The logo used on the poster has been the same since the first edition», adds the organizer, who also recalls that it unanimously approved, in a general meeting, the “No” to prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons on the Portuguese coast».

"We are against the prospecting and exploitation of hydrocarbons", he guarantees.

At the festival, they will even "represent anti-oil movements in the exhibition space, as has been the habit", concludes the association.


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