Dredging the dock of Faro costs more than expected and requires a new tender

It will be the first dredging at the Doca de Faro in the last 27 years

Photos: Ana Madeira

Docapesca launched a new public tender for the dredging of part of the interior area of ​​the Doca de Faro, after all the proposals presented in a first tender, launched on August 16, have exceeded the established base price.

This situation led to the need for a new project, with a revision of the base price from 100 euros to 375 euros and with the extension of the execution period, from one to four months.

According to Docapesca, the need to revise the project “related to the current navigation conditions in the Ria Formosa channels, which imply a significant extension of the period necessary to carry out the contract”.

This dredging, the first in the last 27 years, will be carried out in an area of ​​approximately 17500 square meters (1,75 hectares) and corresponds to a volume of material to be dredged of 16 thousand cubic meters. According to Docapesca, this dredging “is essential for the restoration of operating conditions in the interior of the Doca de Faro and it is part of a broader project, which includes the rehabilitation of the fishermen's floating wharf and the guarantee of access to the gas station».

However, the works do not cover the entire interior of the dock of Faro. A part, next to the Captaincy, will remain, for now, to be dredged. In clarification sent to the Sul Informação, Docapesca explains that «the Interior Dock of Faro is leased to the Naval Club Gymnasium of Faro, as part of the concessionaire's obligations to guarantee [its] dredging'.

However, «taking into account the current conditions of this dock and since there is a fishing nucleus inside the Port of Faro, Docapesca–Portos e Lotas SA considered that it should contribute to ensuring the best conditions for fishermen and shellfish collectors who carry out their activity there, through dredging that allows the operation of these professionals in safety, as well as the rehabilitation of their floating piers and access to the gas station'.

This solution, according to Docapesca, "was articulated with the concessionaire, which is also considering the possible dredging of the remaining area".

When the first tender was launched, on August 16, Docapesca's forecast was that the dredging work would be completed by the end of 2018, "if contracting takes place normally", which ended up not happening.

Also according to the company that manages the fishing ports and auctions, when the dredging is completed, "conditions will be in place to carry out the rehabilitation of the floating platforms", a project that has an estimated cost of 30 thousand euros.