Consulate of Angola in Faro closes until the end of November

The Consulate of Angola in Faro it is just one of dozens of diplomatic representations that that country is preparing to close

The Consulate of Angola in Faro will close before the end of November. The closure of this consular post, which operated since 2011, aims at a "concentration of resources and rationalization of costs". according to a proposal presented by the Secretariat for Diplomatic Affairs and International Cooperation of the Presidency of the Angolan Republic.

The document, which was delivered to the Angolan minister for Foreign Affairs in January, provided for not only the closing of the Consulate of Faro, but also from the embassy that exists at the headquarters of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), in Lisbon, and from the commercial representation of Angola in Portugal.

In all, Angola is going to close nine embassies, 17 consulates and 10 commercial representations in different countries, to save an amount of around 54 million euros a year.