Gonçalo Bárbara and Ayuso Soissi become absolute winners of the Circuito de Mar do Algarve

Ângelo Nascimento won the disclosure test

Gonçalo Bárbara, from the Rio Maior Swimming Club, was the absolute winner of the 26th Circuito de Mar do Algarve, which took place during the month of August. Two people from the Algarve also took the podium: André Joaquim, from Portinado, came in second, and Hugo Viegas, from Clube de Natação de Olhão, came in third.

The absolute female ranking was led by Ayuso Souissi (Club Natacion de Cadiz), followed by Alexandra Frazão (CASPAE) and Bárbara Rodrigues (Aquático Silves).

in teams, the winner was Portinado, both for males and females.

In the publicity test, the male winner was Ângelo Nascimento (IND), followed by José Rodeia (CN Faro) and by Guilherme Gomes (Aquático Silves). In women, the winner was Ana Teresa Romão (Louletano), followed by Ana Filipe and Carlota Espiridião, both from Portinado.

The 26th Circuito de Mar do Algarve received more than 700 athletes present throughout the 9 competitions of the 26th Circuito de Mar do Algarve and, according to the Algarve Swimming Association, «we have broken the record for entries and participations again».

Over five weekends, «we toured the beaches of the Algarve, thus allowing a huge visibility of this modality of swimming», emphasizes the association.

Each race was organized by a club. O2 Portimão organized the Lagos and Alvor competition, Portinado organized the Praia da Rocha competition, Aquático de Silves promoted the Armação de Pera competition, the Lagoa Académico Clube the Praia Grande/Ferragudo competition, Leões do Sul organized the Altura/Castro Marim event, FC Ferreiras the Albufeira event, the Clube Natação de Faro/ Naval Club Gym Faro organized the Isle of Faro and Louletano the Quarteira race.

All the results of the tests and the final ranking of the 26th Circuito de Mar do Algarve available here.