Arsonist detained in Serpa by the Judiciary Police

Detainee is with suspended sentence for having been convicted of arson

A man suspected of having set a forest fire near the Pedrógão dam, in Serpa, was detained by the Judiciary Police through its Southern Directorate. The 54-year-old arsonist is a rural worker from the Alentejo municipality, with a criminal record , and is on a suspended sentence for being convicted of arson.

According to the PJ, there are "strong indications" that the man started a fire "by direct ignition", on the edge of the EN 258, next to the Pedrogão dam, in an area of ​​"creep pasture, dry and easy to burn".

"Weather conditions, high temperatures, low moisture content and wind, together with the combustible materials that exist there, were likely to contribute to the intense spread of the fire, with fatal and serious consequences for personal and property assets, which just doesn't come to happen thanks to the prompt intervention of the firefighters», added the Judiciary.

The detainee will be present at the Court to find out what coercive measures will be applied to him.