June is the month of marches and fairs in Portimão

The “celebrated marching parades” and the traditional popular festivities will liven up Portimão, from the 8th to the 30th of June. At the […]

The “celebrated marching parades” and the traditional popular festivities will liven up Portimão, from the 8th to the 30th of June. 

In total, there are 23 days of great entertainment, guided by the famous parades of marches and by the fairs carried out by the communities of Portimo. «The tradition of the Popular Saints is maintained and reinvented and the nights will be even brighter, with the smell of grilled sardines and the aroma of basil», says the Portimão Chamber.

The 19th edition of the Popular Marches will delight residents and tourists alike and return to the streets in the three parishes of the municipality for the traditional parades, which, this year, have the participation of four municipalities in the municipality: Sporting Glória Ou Morte Portimonense, the CIRM – Mexilhoeirense Instruction and Recreation Club, the Sociedade Recreativa Figueirense and the Vila de Alvor March.

This year, the CIRM Children's March will also participate with dozens of children who, since the month of April, are preparing for the scheduled parades. “The associative movement will be en masse to celebrate the marches in the county, an event that has a huge popular support and that is seen by thousands of people”, considers the municipality.

Neighborhood spirit will not be lacking and Portimão has invited four marches from neighboring councils to parade on the four Fridays of June. They are the March of the Duna-Caslas Community Center/ Meia Praia Lagos, the March of the Grupo de Amigos da Pedreira Association, the March of Odiáxere and the Popular New Youth March of Silves.

The first parade will take place in the Portimão riverside area on June 8, but before that, at around 21 pm, the marches are concentrated in Praça da República (Alameda), the meeting point of choice for this summer, which will host events of various kinds.

The second will be on the 15th of June where the marchers will parade in the Churchyard of Mexilhoeira Grande. On the 22nd of June, the parade will be on the riverside, in the Alvor Riverside Zone and in the picturesque streets of the village.

The culmination of this great party will be on the 29th of June, at Praia da Rocha, with the route along Avenida Tomás Cabreira, starting at the Miradouro and ending at the Fortaleza de Santa Catarina. All parades will start at 22pm.

This edition of the Popular Marches of Portimão will bring together around 500 participants, including marchers, choreographers and costume designers, who once again wear the spirit of associativism and give free rein to the imagination and popular spirit, evoking various themes related to the sociocultural heritage and traditions of the Algarve.

Alongside the parades, the music will echo through the streets, with “A Mexilhoeira” being recorded by the Marcha Infantil do CIRM, the “Lighthouses” by the Marcha da Sociedade Recreativa Figueirense, “Fumeiro” by the Marcha da Vila de Alvor, the “A Lenda do Pote de Ouro” by the March of the Clube de Instrução e Recreio Mexilhoeirense and the “Jardim 1º Dezembro” by the March of Sporting Glória or Morte Portimonense.


In the tradition of the Popular Saints, the arraiais in Portimão are all the rage and Rua Nova will be no exception.

«In the Historic Center of Portimão, Clube União Portimonense and Sociedade Vencedora Portimonense join efforts, echoing the cultural work of these associations and in the middle of the street a cheerful environment will be created, full of colors, lights and music, mixed with smoke of the grilled sardines, drowning out the smell of the decorated basils on the tables», says the municipality.

In this typical area of ​​the city, the Arraiais take place on the 12th, 23rd and 29th of June, from 19:30 pm to midnight, and on this large improvised terrace, sardines are accompanied by caldo verde, bread with chorizo ​​and red wine.

During the month of June, the fairs are a visiting card of the cities and in the adjacent area of ​​Antiga Lota, on the river Arade, where hundreds of people pass by at this time, Sporting Glória or Morte Portimonense will organize on Saturdays 9, June 16, 23 and 30, from 20:30 to 00:00, a typical party with music, dance, sardines, fever and cold drinks.

This initiative is organized by the Municipality of Portimão in conjunction with the Parish of Portimão, Parish Council of Alvor, Parish Council of Mexilhoeira Grande.