Union of Parishes of Faro wants more boat lines to the barrier islands

The Union of Parishes of Faro want boating careers for the Farol, Breech and Beach of Faro [...]

Photo: Fabiana Saboya | Sul Informação

The Union of Parishes of Faro want boating careers for the Farol, Breech and Beach of Faro take place "more frequently and start earlier", having already contacted Docapesca with the "in order to review the concession contract and take care of this need". 

Bruno Lage, president of the União das Freguesias de Faro, considers that "it is not acceptable that, outside the summer season, Farenses who do not have their own boat are forced to travel to the neighboring county to catch a boat to transport them to their own county", referring specifically to , access to Culatra and the Farol.

For this local authority, «Faro and the people of Faro have to assume once and for all the Ria Formosa and its barrier islands as an economic and environmental asset, in addition to its enormous potential that should be used in terms of recreation and leisure».

In addition to the excellent beaches, «there are numerous activities that can be developed not only in July and August, but throughout the year, such as hiking, nature tourism, gastronomy, sports or simply walking and getting to know these housing centers» .

For the Union of Parishes, it does not make any sense that the Farenses are prevented by the absence of public transport (in this case connection by sea) from enjoying the natural conditions existing in their county and that the inhabitants of Culatre are conditioned and limited in their travel to the city of Faro».

Thus, the president of the União das Freguesias de Faro want regular careers for the Culatra and Farol start as early as April and end only at the end of November, in addition to the largest number of routes from June to September to these two destinations and also to Praia de Faro.

Bruno Lage also refers that «the increase in the flow of tourists in Faro it also requires more demands and offers in order to have a more functional city, more hospitable and with good accessibility, where the Ria Formosa and the barrier islands are ex-libris of Faro and the Algarve cannot be forgotten or neglected».