IP advances with «emergency works» on the EN125, EN124 and EN396 roads in the Algarve

Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) has just announced that it will develop, 'until the summer, a set of interventions with a […]

bumpy and dangerous EN125 in the Cacela area – photo: Fabiana Saboya | Sul Informação

Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) has just announced that it will develop, «until the summer, a set of urgent interventions to repair and improve circulation and safety conditions on the EN125, EN124 and EN396».

the ad is done while the Secretary of State for Infrastructure is in Faro, at the headquarters of the Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve (AMAL), meeting with the mayors of the Algarve precisely to tell them about these "emergency works". The meeting was initially announced to Tavira, but ended up being moved to AMAL headquarters.

The "emergency works" will cost a million euros and advance at the end of May, thanks to the Urgent Public Tenders that will be published tomorrow.

According to IP, "works to repair the pathologies identified on these roads at pavement level will go ahead, involving, among others, milling and repaving, the heightening of the shoulders and execution of the horizontal marking of the lane".

IP announces that it will also “promote the rehabilitation and structural reinforcement of the bridge over the Almargem River, at kilometer 138,750 of the EN125”.

The state company stresses, in a statement sent to the editorial offices that, "as is public knowledge, the Amended Sub-concession Agreement referring to the Algarve Litoral Sub-concession, provides for the reversal of 131 kilometers of roads under the direct jurisdiction of IP".

The realization of these interventions, he adds, will now be "divided into three different contracts, involving a global investment of around one million euros".

For the pavement improvement interventions and horizontal marking on EN125, EN124 and EN396, two Urgent Public Tenders will be published tomorrow: one for EN125, in an extension of 38,157 km, between Olhão (km 114,6) to the limit of the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António (152,757 km), crossing the municipalities of Olhão, Tavira, Vila Real de Santo António and Castro Marim.

Another for the EN124, with a length of 9,9 km, between Porto de Lagos (km 6,750) and the vicinity of Silves (km 16,650), crossing the municipalities of Portimão and Silves, and finally the third for the EN396, in Loulé together to the junction with the A22 (km 18,6).

«The option for this procedure as an urgent matter will allow the works to start as early as the second half of May».

Thus, the company guarantees, «with an execution period of 45 days, they will be completed before the summer period, ensuring an important improvement in the comfort and safety conditions for the region's populations as well as the thousands of tourists who seek the Algarve for enjoy your holidays'.

IP will also launch, in May, the contract for the rehabilitation and structural reinforcement of the bridge over the Ribeira do Almargem, located at Km 138,750 of the EN125.

The work involves structural reinforcement, rehabilitation and repaving of the deck and access roads, repair of the sidewalks, the drainage system and expansion joints, the installation of security guards and the integral painting of the bridge.

The rehabilitation and reinforcement works have an execution period of 180 days and will be carried out in two phases, in order to ensure road circulation.

The implementation of these repair interventions will allow, IP guarantees, «the restoration of safety and circulation conditions on these roads, mitigating the current shortages in terms of mobility and which will be solved by the requalification interventions to be carried out by Infraestruturas de Portugal, thus that is legally possible with the materialization of the transfer of the tracks'.

However, regarding the background and like the Sul Informação yesterday reported, it has already been clarified that the final approval of the Court of Auditors depends on the answers that the company Infraestruturas de Portugal gives to the requests for clarification made by that entity.