Reflect is back and launches “Paper Boat”

The Algarvian rapper Reflect launched, on February 16th, a new song “Paper Boat”, a song that follows […]

O rapper algarvio Reflect launched, on the 16th of February, a new song “Paper Boat”, a song that follows on from “Eu Fico Bem”, released a year ago. The choice of the date was not by chance, but “it wasn't forced either”, it seems that the stars were lining up.

«At the beginning of the year, I had a spurt of inspiration and when I received an instrumental from Dezman (who was also the producer of the previous song) he pushed me to write and, since I had things tacked up, why not mark a year of “I stay well”, because this theme is a continuation of the story that I left at the end of the previous theme», revealed Pedro Pinto, the singer behind Reflect, to Musical|Sul Informação.

The video begins with “Para o Rui”, an assumed reference (and the first clue) that reveals the connection between this theme and “Eu Fico Bem”, released a year ago and which marked the return of Reflect to the originals.

Like many cult movies and series, there are some “Easter Eggs” left along the lyrics of “Paper Boat” with “references to themes from the past”, an allusion to the nearly 15 years of Reflect's career.

The incursion into the past serves as a basis for launching the future, where reflection on a man's feelings, on his relationships with the world and with people, is exposed and left to others. «In this “Paper Boat” I'm giving testimony so that whoever listens to the theme, does this analysis and, deep down, sees themselves in this story of Love that I metaphorized in the music and in the characters that they can meet in the video», he says. the rapper.

The name chosen to baptize the new theme is, once again, directly linked to the lyrics of “Eu fica Bem”, where one of the verses ends with “…boat adrift”, words that served as inspiration and encouragement to explore this idea.

As a paper boat, it carries the dimension of fragility and oscillation that exists «when we are in a relationship with someone, where there are times when he is the best in the world, but there are others that make us feel the worst in the world, all over the world. delivery to that relationship'.

For the author, this fragility is necessary for there to be the «Best in the World». Thus, in this paper boat, Reflect puts the symbolism of this crossing between what we have best and worst as people, being able to live in that balance «and bring that boat to good port, before it sinks or it burns». «And they will understand when they see the video», invites Pedro Pinto.

The weekend before the launch was a lot of work, spent «filming with the entire Kimahera team, in Aljezur», so that, as is usual these days, the video would be ready when the theme was given to know, even because there was already a teaser to announce what was coming.


Listen and see the video here:


The entire interview can be heard in the final minutes of Musicália #60 on February 18th
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