“Conferencia Laranja XXI” is part of the show at Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja

The “Orange XXI Conference”, which will take place from 14 pm this Friday, February 00th, in the […]

The “Laranja XXI Conference”, which will take place from 14 pm this Friday, February 00th, in Fissul's colloquium room and integrated in the II Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja, will bring together specialists in themes related to citriculture.

The opening will feature the presence of Rosa Palma, mayor of Silves, and Fernando Severino, regional director of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Moderated by João Garcia, a technician from the Silvense municipality, the conference will allow for debates on issues related to agricultural planning and financing, as well as more scientific issues.

In the first part, which will run until 16:00 pm, the “PDR 2020 – Support within the GAL ADERE 2020” will be analyzed by technicians from Associação Vicentina Tânia Sousa and Carlos Albano, while Cristina Hagatong, from the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development, will do a presentation on the “National Strategy for Organic Agriculture”.

Amílcar Duarte, from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Algarve, will give a “Reflection on sustainability challenges for the citrus industry in the Algarve”.

From 16:30 pm, the analysis will turn to “The regional citrus production sector in the face of potential threats – Trioza erytreae e Xylella fastidiosa. Measures to be taken by the different operators”, in a presentation given by João Nuno Barbosa, from the General Directorate of Food and Veterinary Medicine.

Carlos Montemor, from the Authority for Work Conditions-Local Center of Portimão, will speak on “Measures to combat accidents involving tractors”.

The presentations will end with the theme “The plant protection sector facing the reduction of active substances verified in the EU. The industry's vision of the future of this sector”, promoted by António Lopes Dias, from the National Association of Industry for the Protection of Plants.

A debate will follow, with the closing date scheduled for 18:30.

«This is a forum for discussion and debate that we believe has been lacking for a long time», says Rosa Palma, mayor of Silves, as «citrus growing is one of the most decisive and structuring activities in the municipality and the region and it is necessary to bring up current issues , in order to modernize practices, but above all to reflect on the paths that will allow us to promote sustained growth and the promotion of this activity, which is synonymous with quality and prestige for Silves and for the region».