camera of Faro recognizes the historical and cultural interest of Os Artistas

The Chamber of Faro recognized the Farense Artistic Recreative Society (SRAF), also known as “The Artists”, as an entity of interest […]

The Chamber of Faro recognized the Farense Artistic Recreative Society (SRAF), also known as “The Artists”, as an entity of historical and cultural interest. This decision, unanimously approved in a Chamber Meeting, is now subject to public consultation for a period of 20 days.

This recognition takes place following an application submitted by the SRAF itself.

According to the Chamber of Faro, this request was based on a law published in June, which “established the regime for the recognition and protection of establishments and entities of local historical and cultural or social interest”.

"After an analysis carried out by the local authority, it was verified the fulfillment of the criteria foreseen in the referred law, making the Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense deserving of the statute", added the local authority.

The SRAF was founded in 1906 by Montepio dos Artistas de Faro, an entity that provided its members, artisans and artisans, with «various social and solidarity services, such as medical assistance at affordable prices, death and disability pensions».

"In 1906, Montepio dos Artistas felt the need to provide its members with other activities related to culture and recreation, then founded the Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense, giving them part of the facilities (1st floor of nº 10 of Rua do Montepio)" , recalled the Chamber of Faro.

The SRAF started to promote theater, singing, dance, music, literature and cinema events. «In addition to these, parties, social gatherings and social gatherings have always been organized in this space. It brought together artisans and artisans from the municipality and had an eminently popular aspect, in contrast to the more exclusive Club Farense and Ginásio Clube de Faro», added the municipality.

More recently, and after a period of less dynamism, society has reinvented itself and has become a reference point in the cultural panorama of the Algarve capital, thanks to activities that it has regularly stimulated – and continues to do – in areas such as music, performing arts, dance education, exhibitions and conferences, among others.

In 2006, the Chamber of Faro awarded to this association the Medal of Municipal Merit – Gold Grade. In 2010, the SRAF achieved the status of a public utility legal person.