Olhão serves giant king cake with flavors for all tastes (even bananas)

A giant king cake will come back to animate Olhão this Saturday, December 16th. From 11:00 am, it will be served, […]

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A giant king cake will come back to animate Olhão this Saturday, December 16th. From 11:00 am, a 120-metre cake will be served next to Largo da Restauração, offered by chef Filipe Martins' Kubidoce pastry and candy shop.

This year, this year's giant cake-king party will have as a novelty the fact that one of the recipes contains bananas.

According to the Chamber of Olhão, which supports the event, the initiative promises to "gather together in the nerve center of Olhão - the Largo da Igreja Matriz - thousands of people, both from Olhão and visitors."

The local authority adds that Filipe Martins «includes in the 120 meters of sweets the traditional king cakes, such as the scandalized and the queen, with creative variations, such as the red fruit princess cake, or the red fruit cake, goji berries, cranberries and chocolate, but also don't forget the already famous sweet potato king cakes with orange confit and peanuts, the carob king cake with orange, raisins and almonds, representing the genuine flavors of the Algarve, the white chocolate king cake with walnuts and orange, with dark chocolate, orange, cashew and almonds, or the traditional bolo-rei with candied fruit».

The first king cakes of the time have already started to be made and sold in the pastries of Filipe Martins, who, says the Chamber of Olhão, «every Christmas enriches the menu of this typical cake. The ovens are on, the employees work hard and, on Saturday morning, there will be different and tasty cakes to taste».

«A party that is already in Olhão and not Kubidoce», says pastry chef Filipe Martins.

For this initiative to materialize, the chef estimates using more than 160 kilos of flour, 700 eggs, 40 kilos of sugar, 60 kilos of white chocolate, 60 kilos of dark chocolate, 350 kilos of candied fruit, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, raisins, red fruits, apricots, goji berries, cranberries, carob flour and 15 liters of brandy, 25 liters of olive oil, 25 liters of milk, 15 kilos of yeast and 70 kilos of sweet potatoes.