“ArteNata” took “hundreds of people” to Ferragudo

“ArteNata”, which took place on December 1, 2 and 3, was an “intimate party”, with “hundreds of […]

“ArteNata”, which took place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December, was an “intimate party”, with “hundreds of people” going to downtown Ferragudo (Lagoa). 

According to the Parish Council of Ferragudo, "between 10 am and 00 pm, the movement of visitors was constant to see the exhibition of dance schools, rhythmic gymnastics, capoeira or zumba".

«After lunch, music on stage with local artists was company, inviting everyone to choose how to live the environment, whether with toasted bread, crepes, ginjinha or homemade treats, sweet almonds, sweet potato pastries, roasted chestnuts , plenty and sliced ​​cakes», he adds.

It was also possible to “drink a good mulled wine or one of the many teas to choose from. Meanwhile, the children were being treated to balloons and face painting».

“ArteNata” has been, year after year, «creating a very unique image of its characteristic, in a reduced space of a single street, which, in itself, brings those who walk through it closer together, making contact more personal». says the Parish Council.

The presence in the area of ​​a children's playground, where, this year, inflatables were placed, «is an asset for the fair that allows for greater generational interaction».

In the closing speech, Luís Veríssimo, president of the Parish Council of Ferragudo, stressed that this “ArteNata” was “the first to be carried out by this new executive coming out of the October elections, not allowing, therefore, time for convenient programming'.

In spite of that, "from what he saw and heard" considered its achievement positive, expressing that there are always things to improve "and it will work in that perspective", says the Parish Council.

After the speech, the 37 exhibitors were called to the stage and received a certificate of participation by Luís Veríssimo. Many expressed their intention to return to “ArteNata” in 2018.